May 11, 2009


Jean Smith of Mecca Normal, inspiration, feminist sage, confronter-songstress writes on her blog about the misogyny of the comments thread after a Mecca Normal story on Brooklyn Vegan:

"There is s a comment section after the piece with some of what I’d call typical nastiness that I see on YouTube and elsewhere. I wasn’t really expecting this as I scrolled down the page — to be called a bunch of names. There were positive comments too — mostly in opposition to the negative comments. After some time thinking about not taking these comments personally, and acknowledging that this is part of culture — people participate in media now and this is what people interject with in this quadrant of culture — that’s rather depressing, to think that there have been a lot of quiet people and now they speak in comment boxes and type things like — “hag” — and I thought about the sad, low state these guys must be in psychologically, and how men in general, have, as well as being socialized to hide emotions other than anger, have also learned to hide misogyny, allowing it to spew in blog comment boxes, anonymously — it’s some kind of barometer."

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