May 10, 2009


Hi, good morning! I need some suggestions, kind reader:

Blogs written by women in bands/women musicians. Which ones do you read and follow?

thanks in advance, you are a tender friend to help me.

I will return to regular blogging shortly, whatever passes for "regular". It was a busy week--my man has returned home from college, our LA bro4life David Scott Stone was visiting, there were TWO Lucky Dragons shows, Nora and I had to chill in the park--where we met a husky puppy so baby still that it's puppy breath was sweet and smelled like lotion, it was like a perfume, we sniffed our arms where he licked us and it had a humid yet undoglike bouquet. Morgan had a bunch of her teeth out and I drove her around while she was high and drooling blood. I made dinners and listening to the instrumental AGF record a few times loud. The book got back from the printer and I went to Fed Ex to get it, and I opened it right there at the counter with the Fed Ex ladies who I have been seeing for years and they told me they were really proud of me and since then I have just been carrying my one copy of the book around to show to people. I say "LOOK!" and thrust it into their hands "It's my book. It's here." My paper baby.

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