May 06, 2009


I am so nervous, but here it is, the official pow:

My book is called THE GIRLS GUIDE TO ROCKING. It's coming out June 4th through Workman. It is for girls aged 12 and up, but is totally suitable for any ambitious young lady between 10-34 or so. It's got 288 pages and multiple pictures of LaBelle and comes with a full-color pullout women in rock history timeline that you can add your band on to. It's endorsed by Joan Jett and Gregg Gillis on it's covers. The book tour begins in Portland at Powells July 13th.

Girls Guide to Rocking.jpg

Here's the blog for the book. And here is the official Girls Guide to Rocking website and the GG2R facebook jammer. It's a lot of web presence to upkeep for one book.

The copy and cover on the GG2R Amazon page are not the right ones, but never you mind. The reason it recommends 30-some books with titles like "Mad Church Disease" is because I think after I did the Calvin Faith and Music festival all those folks ordered a copy. It's not a "R.I.Y.L" kind of thing. If you prefer an indie bookseller you can order through Powells and if you want to come see me on my book tour, it's like this:

July 13 Portland, OR @ Powells

July 14/15 --LA & Seattle

July 16 Minneapolis, MN @ Magers & Quinn

July 17-22 Chicago/NY/Philly/Providence/etc.

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