May 01, 2009


Matt Shaer and I have been going back and forth about the post-Op Ivy rumor mill about what happened to Jesse Michaels after the band broke up. I said I had heard he moved back to Detroit and was living in an iron lung (DO THEY EVEN MAKE THOSE ANYMORE?), though I know he has had a band off an on for some time since (PERFORMING IN AN IRON LUNG=A GIMMICK WHOSE TIME IS NIGH). My substantiation: I heard it at the Punk Planet office in the late nineties, so it must be true, but Shaer found this in the "skapedia" (naturally): "There was a great deal of speculation regarding the fate of Michaels. He revealed in an interview that he became a Buddhist monk for about 6 months in 1992 [1]. Legend had it that he had moved to Nicaragua." I know the internet is really useful in disseminating rumors, and not to be Amish/nostalgic/internet hater--but I kind of miss lore. Like absurd, unconfirmable mysteries--the long running speculation of what supposedly became of Steve Kroner after he left Nation of Ulysses would be impossible if it happened now.

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