April 28, 2009


I have been reading this one poem almost every day, not just because it is good and funny and true but also because it jump starts my empathy. I'm not a naturally... gentle with other people type. Babies, kids, animals, the infirm and elderly, but other adults, not always. Mostly just that line "Sometimes we are asked to get good at something we have no talent for" makes me want to treat the whole world as gentle as a baby. I made JR read it whilst I cut his hair the other day. He was wearing a trash bag. The line about "Bruce never played the lightswitch again" made him crack up, too.

So, here is Tony Hoagland's poem Self Improvement for your edification.

And now, now is time for the disco, because the reason you live in a big city is so you can go see brilliance like this.

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