April 16, 2009


Miles wrote about the Bazan show last week. I don't think, in 2009, anyone's going to write a more gloriously devastating song than "In Stitches", which closes Curse Your Branches. It's a breaking-up-with-god song, it's like the eviscerating inverse of say Dylan's most confident "I Shall Be Released" with the bitter nostalgia of Van's "Beside You"--but with an air of fuck you indignation--that ends like so:

When Job asked you the question
You responded "Who are you
to challenge your creator"
Well if that one part is true
it makes you sound defensive
Like you have not thought it through
enough to have an answer
Or you might have
bit off more than you could chew

It's like the emotional nuke at the end of a bare-all record about the fallout from Bazan's skepticism.

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