April 13, 2009


I have to say, I am really in the thrall of David Dark's work right now. Or maybe enthralled, as I think "thrall" is more like "clutches", and this is more a stunned hungry wow. I am plowing through this new book in order to get to his previous stuff, but took a time out for a lissen as well: here is his workshop from FFM in downloadable/streamable form--he reads a little from his book and then goes deep on Blake, Marx, global consumerism as the only true world religion, The Road and Radiohead and Arcade Fire and perversion, as well as the prophetic tradition within episodes of South Park.

Here is my conversation with David Bazan; I think it came out pretty good, esp. from David's answers in the second half about how the Battle of Seattle and 9/11 politicized Pedro the Lion lyrics. Matthew Carillo-Vincent's "Don't Let Me Explode" Negotiating Masculinity and Ethics in The Hold Steady's Separation Sunday, was a paper I liked quite a bit, and Erin Keane's more straight read about Hold Steady and grace and Micah Lott's Mountain Goats paper which "examines the “logic of eschatology” in Darnielle’s song-writing, paying special attention to themes of suffering, justice and hope"--he really pops open Darnielles themes.

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