April 13, 2009


For full effect, hit play here unless techno-throb is not suitable for work.

When your best friend says he's never been to a rave, what is there to do but take him to the closest approximation you can get list for, which in this case was the Crookers / Deadmau5 show at Congress last night. Crookers was perfunctory party stunts, Deadmau5 was the real ish, the people watching was unparalleled.

JR on the right, dude in Justice costume on the left. Despite the startled look on his face, it must be stated JR DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE.

Can you blame him?

Ringing in Easter morning with 4,000 hard-rolling glowstick gnawing strangers while the girl in front of you removes her tights very, very, very slowly and then holds them up to the pulsing lights, stretching and examining them above her head while she gets a backrub from two shirtless dudes at the same time...it's like living in a Hold Steady song.

Why be asleep when you can watch a teenage girl wipe the energy off her boyfriends face? I cannot front on a 12-infinity minutes mix of Robin S "Show Me Love" at thunderous volumes. I cannot lie and say I do not love it.

That mist hanging above the crowd? A potent waft of acrid drug sweat and Axe body spray.

I wonder if they are a couple or maybe best friend roommates or maybe they are both waxing techs at a spa in Northbrook or something. They were using each other to balance.

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