April 11, 2009


A little housekeeping: David Dark's book is kicking my ass. It really comes and gets you where you live. It's unsettling in it's questions but it's also a post-culture war balm--it's valuable for evaluating culture in general, perfectly timed to feed us questions about our role and relationship with capitalism. I read the first chapter and then started over, I was so awed.

You may, regular reader, be wondering what a secular jammer like yourself would want from a Christian critic, but 1.) it's the most radical thing I have read in ages, a paradigm shifting inspiration, a gutting justice-loving Apologetic 2.) it opens with a paraphrased quote from "When Doves Cry" and praises Patti Smith and Richard Pryor as prophetic voices--it's very of the world 3.) it's really fucking good 4.) If you grew up being saddled with a mean god, burdened by a religion that was not your own, there is a lot here for you. 5.) if you have felt exhausted and bullied by right-wing Christian propaganda anytime since Reagan took office, there is a lot here for you.

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