April 01, 2009


Times real estate section features a nasty new construction townhouse, inexplicably describes Uk. Village as theatre and gallery filled. I wonder what theatres they are talking about? Do they mean City North 14, the best place to see a movie while people yell at their children? Because I think technically, that's Logan Square. Galleries? Rotofugi and that place on Western that I think is a guys house that always has fake Keene style paintings of girls in sexy outfits (which also kind of describes Rotofugi). Does two of something make a filled? There are 3x more Ukranian dentists in this neighborhood than galleries. I think maybe "now filled with drugstores, old man bars and a steady parade of the elderly exiting Orthodox churches very slowly" or "now filled with empty townhouses, a couple now-trendy one-time coke bars and grocery stores where everything is pickled that'll make your hair stink like brine even if yr only in there one minute."

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