March 27, 2009


If this is the show of a similar title I saw in LA last year, it's pretty great. In case you are a train ride away from the MOMA. In which case, I am bit jealous of you. Though, perhaps, you wish you were a tram ride from the Arch in St. Louis or desperately wanting to finish your back taxes and ride bikes with your special dude, in which case, you are crazy jealous of me, now, so perhaps we are even.

Also, I did not make it to the Barr show AGAIN, this time due to locking myself out of my house like an asshole. Which would have still left me time to see the Calvin Harris show if I had the day right or if the tour hadn't been canceled. Sorry if I steered you wrong. So, if you too missed the show at Enemy, Barr is at Kavi Gupta tonight, which I'm too lazy to google up the address for, but it's on Washington I think, by Oprah's studios, but maybe the next block over. Seeing Brendan in a gallery is best, because he performs like he is at war with art.

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