March 26, 2009


Hey hey BARR SHOWS ALL WEEKS-END! Tonight at Enemy (155o N Milwaukee 3rd Flo) and then Friday at the Chris Johanson curated show opening at Kavi Gupta, both sets with Chris Johansons band, but w/o Chris because apparently he is sick and so he didn't come, but his band is the Jackie-O Motherfucker dude and a drummer Brendan described as "a drummer named Ron, he's from the midwest, played in a bunch of bands here before he moved to Portland, people totally know him," so lets pretend it's Roy, the first drummer of Braid. Just for fun. I didn't know anyone in the midwest was ever named Ron. Ron is a west coast name. Doors at 8, music 8:30, Lichens headline, Barr is middle. You'll be out early enough to make the Calvin Harris DJ set up the street at Debonair, which I wonder if it will be like this or more like this. I do not have a preference, I will dance to anything except Belgian rave, goa trance and "80's music".

Also, despite being a dirty, donation-only party loft, Enemy is on Yelp. If the internet has taught us anything, it's that Customer Service is important for the scene... right?

Just missed the BARR set at Golden Age last night, for we were eating birthday sundaes at Margies. JR Nelson, my brother from another mother, BFF-zilla, is 35 this week. Before the sundaes, we all actually ordered dinner food at Margies, which I was wholly unawares they served as I a) never get that far into the menu since the sundaes come first and b.) have never seen anyone not eating ice-cream from the giant shell-bowl. They have a health-plate that is a holdover from another era: cottage cheese, orange sherbert, lettuce, toast. In a pile atop each other. I did not order it, but I wondered who does.

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