March 20, 2009


I handicapped who all might be playing Lollapalooza for the Reader blog. The addition of Lou Reed, if it's more than a rumor, is a total headscratcher. The headliners that have leaked so far (Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, Jane's OG lineup) are straight from "My fave cassingles circa 1991". Maybe they should throw The Cure in there, just to make it especially geriatric and nostalgic, though, really, Primus might be nice, make you feel like you stepped out of the Tardis and back into the comfort of the Clintonian alt-90s, when everyone had money and The Breeders had a gold record. (insert dream sequence wavey screen here)

Take note of the redesigned Reader home page/online world while you are there--a nice way to keep abreast of Chicago--the feel good alternative to HuffPo, if you will. And functional! Oh, functional.


I like Nite Jewel; her more aimless moments are remind me of Arther Russell, esp. "Let's Go" and "Weak". Imagine if this is what all girls did alone in their dorm rooms!? America would be like Sweden. We would have all this and like 12,000 Ida Marias on top of that. I wonder if all these magick girls (Bat for Lashes, Lizzy from Gang Gang Dance, Karin D-A's Fever Ray record, Katie Stelmanis maybe, too? plus a half dozen other that are slipping my mind) are freshly stumbling in to the hallucinatory dream of Kate Bush's making, or it's a natural convergence of spooky, synthetic and aggressive confidence. Out of vapid-sexy-80's-signifiers and into the reflective-post-coke-80's-signifiers, those Reagan fantasy years, that super-gated drum sound?

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