March 19, 2009


Via Busy Beaver Button Blog--a rad article about feminist buttons.

"Diplo being all "PEACE OUTTIE"" might single handedly justify the existence of microblogs.

There is not much else for me to tell you, so let us discuss the weather. Despite that it is about 46 degrees out people are like "fuck it, close enough"--I saw a girl in a t-shirt and Am. App. booty shorts and heels having a casual stroll on Milwaukee. If I wasn't sick, she could be my spirit animal. The other night, despite that the streets are more beirutted than ever, I dragged ye olde skateboard out of the closet and took back the night. I de-rusticized for a bit in the parking lot behind my house before I took to the boulevards. My neighbor dude tried to yell something to me about the noise, which given that it was on 10:30pm and he is the guy that all summer long sets off boxes of Black Cats and other sundry fireworks as late as 4 a.m., but that was all the impetus I needed to bail over to the desolate and newly paved streets on the other side of Grand, which are inexplicably flawless. It was so so perfect; living anywhere other than an eternally frosted and run down city, I would never appreciate the Jesus-magic of almost spring or a 7-block patch of even blacktop like I do.

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