March 17, 2009


Some items:

Allentown Girl Scout troop becomes first all-female drumline in the U.S.

Girls Rock Camp DC volunteer applications for 2009 are up if'n yr in the area and want to get involved.

Kristen Stewart talks about playing Joan Jett in The Runaways movie that's being made based on Cherie Curie's out-of-print cautionary drug tale tell all. Dakota Fanning plays Cherie. WHO IS PLAYING LITA?! I wanna know.

New Calvin Harris single (deadmau5 remix), it's no "Merrymaking at My Place, a song I enjoyed often on gym machines in 2008. Harris is at Debonair 3/28, Deadmau5 is headlining some rave thing at Congress 4/11. JR and I were leaving Chances last night and saw a flier and I was trying to explain Deadmau5--not really what I care about re:--what, progressive house?--but there are certain things, that once pumped to top volume, suddenly make sense. Also, a note: Chances was bangin last evening. Someone played "September" and it didn't feel like a wedding reception, in part cos some the girls on the dance floor were wearing cravats (not neckscarves, but some real hosting-masterpeice-theatre silky-puff tucked), not dancing in their pantyhosed feet. The baby-dj that followed trainwrecked tons and blew a speaker and played eight minute long Jellybean Benitez remixes all the way to fade out and "Love Hangover" from the middle and let it skip BUT BECAUSE IT WAS THE FIRST CHANCES OF SPRING IT WAS PERFECT AND INFINITE AND WE WERE SCREAMING "DISCO!" AND I WILL GO ANYWHERE WHERE ALL THE BOYS ARE DRESSED LIKE WENDY AND LISA WHEN THEY WERE STILL IN THE REVOLUTION.

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