March 13, 2009


Hey, how is it going? How is your PACT going?

Link/heads up c/o Jeff Parker: Mary Halvorson: jazz guitarist/shreddy freakoutter. I thought jazz guitar was something else, like as in something I am not really interested in listening to. I did not know jazz guitar could sound like a tense, jaggedier, Spiderland-y kind of thing.

Last night before the Angel* showing, the Doc Films dude said that they are following the early Ozu series with a post-war Ozu next qrtr (starts first week of April, I think). The later Ozu films are so still, they require a little patience, but they are soothing and frustrating and accidentally feminist. Patriarchal dads, arranged marriage, moms who are servile and the boss, duty and honor in the home and workplace, the complexities of owing your parents, rebellion, pencil skirts, the charms of technicolor are all there. Equinox Flower:

(* Angel didn't quite take the taste of Watchmen out of our minds, though the tale of a 15 yr. old hooker putting herself through private school, whose only friends are a 50-something drag queen based on Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot, a geriatric cowboy, her wacky/butch landlady and detective with a lazy-eye who is always yelling at her, who yearns for a normal life as a cheerleader, who bides her time with her trig homework in between finding her other hooker friends killed and running long distances in heels or standing around in a locker room full of showering cheerleaders is a sure bet on Thursday night. It's no White Dog, though.)

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