March 03, 2009


A Chicago friend writes with a salient point:

"you know what always occurs to me about statements like 'we're not a political band' is that they reveal a failure to negotiate ethical distinctions. if the question were about, say, gay marriage, to take one hot-button issue upon whose resolution the fate of humankind does not exactly depend, that response might be fair enough. but the espousal of fascism is not merely one political issue among others; the grounds upon which you deny your association with fascism must precisely be those upon which you articulate your opposition to fascism. the question is almost more ontological than political, though I know some fellow travelers who would disagree: at any rate, it is a political question that cannot be ducked by anti-political identifications, since it is one of the few political categories to insist that the political just is the anti-political insofar as the ideology is predicated upon a desire to subsume all such distinctions under a totalizing fealty to the order per se."

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