February 13, 2009


Jenny Wilson - The Wooden Chair

New Jenny Wilson coming out next month, and gee whiz, she's stepped it the eff up, and I am not just talking about those t-strap cha cha heels she's got on. Homemade zesty minimalist R&B (handclaps and vibraslaps!). Between that, the still-newish Frida Hyvonen (feminism y'all) album, the new Marit Bergman (with the ballad-duet with Frida "Travelling Companion") and Karin Dreijer Andersson's Fever Ray (scary butler voice never felt so right, to borrow from SFJ) albums coming next month and Mapei and the Perro Del Mar mini-album... it makes you wonder what the women of Stockholm do other than make authoritative and shimmery next level solo albums.

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