February 12, 2009


Why was 1/3rd of the passerbys in the Buffalo airport profoundly sunburned? Why was it only people 55+ plus? Do many cruiseships disembark at Niagara Falls? Why so magenta?

The loft condos advertised and still emptyish on Division and Leavitt are listed on their sign as "visionary". As their big primary selling point. Can an inanimate object with no desires, no ideation of "the future", no eyes, no eyes of the mind even be visionary? Who wants a visionary condo?

I have made a product that will be retailed at Target. I think of my book, to a certain extent, as art. Is it a fantasy to think you can be art where they have 25 lb bags of dog food?

What sort of decorating need could be so urgent that my neighbor would have to drive multiple nails into the wall starting at 1:52 am? I understand those kind of needs as impulse decorating is a hobby of mine, I am just curious about what it is getting hung.

Is IUD's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" the feminist answer song to Black Flag's "Slip It In" that we've been waiting since, like, 86? Thrice as long and down to get it on, but so menacing, so wonderfully menacing-- in a supra-feminine way: drop d freedom grind. Not grind as in metal, grind as in Ginuwine.

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