February 11, 2009


What is listed on Walgreens website under the sexual wellness sub-heading "setting the mood". One stop shopping--scented candles, synthetic shammy throws, etc. Imagine what it's like to be the person who develops these categorizations and product groupings for this Walgreens LETS FREAK section from their stock..."L'eggs... maybe.... Tweety Bird sweatpants...no... footwide lollipop...maybe... Humanicare Dignity Bib for Adults...yes."

also, What you can and cannot bring into Canada these days under their hate speech/obscenity laws (via Rjyan's bloggunz)--basically a long list of revoltingly comic porn titles and albums. But it's good for the FYI: Dog Husband on DVD is a no go, but the Mangled Whore Flesh record is ok.

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