February 09, 2009


Notes on show of Lykke Li/ Wildbirds & Peacedrums, in chron. order of revelation:
1. should have gotten here 20 minutes earlier to see all of wb&pd, they were 'mazing--like a drums only PJ Harvey & Bonham duo. GOOD CONCEPT WHOSE TIME HAS COME. SIGN ME UP.
2. Lykke Li looks exactly EXACTLY like my sister, if my sister had an unbrushed weave instead of mermaid hair. I got this excited shiver of excitement, some weird biological instinctual over-rule--because I knew it wasn't my sister, but I "recognized" her as my sister and thought "LAUREN'S ONSTAGE!'
2.5 Then I wondered if Lykke Li's sister is my twin.
3. Oh, whoa, stage moves in the formal tradition of "stage moves".
4. We agree she's: "very Shakira."
5. M.:"Very Anthony Kiedis. Classic Kiedis. I keep expecting her to do some "zing-a ding-a dong" kind of scatting."
6. Her stage movies ping pong from Stevie Nicks (side to side whipping hair and mic stand in tandem, twirls etc.) to like, hype man for rapper appearing on Warped Tour. Why the rap arm, Lykke?
7. This is not what I was expecting. Or wanting. I wonder if she attended a performing arts school. My kroners are on yes.
8. Why is she hitting her arm with the drum stick to keep time?--we can't hear that and she's going get a bruise. Ineffective one way, hammy the other.
9. Wildbirds and Peacedrums were really the act to beat tonight.
10. (sixth song) We must leave if I plan on continuing to like her or listen to or respect her work.

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