February 06, 2009


Of all the pictures in the Smell story, I think this one sums it up. I also look at the kid on the right and think "Thats how I feel, too." I always had a best friend who would make that face anytime a camera was whipped out. That insane 15 yr old boy face, commonly featured in yearbook photos of the arcane and lesser science and language clubs. You could write a hundred stories about friendship of those two boys and that bike. They might read my story about the Smell, but they will think it's fucking stupid. I can't imagine what they do on the internet. Like do they play games? Do they download leaks of the Wolves in the Thronewoom record? Do they look up sick shit on Youtube? I imagine they listen to records together. And then they burn down the school, like in Over The Edge.

This picture proves that Dybek line about "most boys are washed up by seventeen" wrong. These kids are waiting to explode.

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