February 04, 2009


Oh heck yes! Digital delay. I'll be able to keep my rabbit ears up until at least the Lily Bass Gossip Girl spin off starts. Because I still have the TV I bought from ol' Josh Hooten eight years ago for $60. Because the only things I watch are Gossip Girl and Antique Roadshow and sometimes, my elder-man dreamcrush Charlie Rose and am not sure all that merits and upgrade. So what if I cannot read subtitles cos the ish is so blurry? It's only helped improve my French skills. Also, do not scroll down after any NYT article having to do with the digital conversion because it will infuriate you, as it's all just self-satisfied "screw ppl who can't get it together or can't afford a converter, no TV will do everyone good" sanctimony. Dude, there is a nation full of people who do not get the paper, or the radio, who only know about extreme weather via TV, and also the poor, the elderly, the lonely, the way rural and the infirm who need their TVs to keep catching channels and also-also little kids that need their Elmo time. Clearly those commenters do not know any Grandmas. Grandmas LOVE programs.

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