February 04, 2009


I awoke two hours too early, Wyatt perched on my chest, like the Mr. Bluebird on the finger, and in the rustles of morning incoherence I am gripped by the thought that I must go thrift for a high necked blouse before I do anything else.

Last night I purchased decaf coffee for home use, which felt conceptually strange, but ness. After I returned the final-final last-last chance-chance proof of the book back to it's publisher. But before I returned home to find that the cats had touched the 'puter and made it do something so that it NARRATED everything on the screen. It took me a long while to figure out what they did. I have had a fantasy, since my first cat, Bad Boy (c.1979) that my cats have a secret human-style life while I am away. I imagined last night that perhaps this is how Monk and Wy use the internet. They get the computer to go "out loud" because they understand English but aren't reading yet.

In doing research for the captions for my book yesterday, I learned that Tina Weymouth was a cheerleader before she in Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club, which I found inspiring. One minute, you got spirit, yes you do, the next--sample credits pay your bills.

Good morning. Good morning. Exciting links coming later this week.

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