February 01, 2009


Missed this news item over the summer about lost Delia Derbyshire recordings being found, complete with song-samples. It kind of breaks my heart when she says "Forget about this.." at the start of the tape of her basically being Aphex Twin, except that IT WAS 1963 and Aphex Twein had not been invented yet. And she was sampling metal lampshades vibrations and using math to figure out how to loop them backwards and have them be certain notes because she was a whiz. And she couldn't get a job cos she was a girl. And you know what you get for being the genius that helped INVENT electronic music? A job in a bookstore while yr living and respect after yr dead!


The good news : ""The next thing that we want to do is make the archive available to everyone who wants to hear it," says David Butler. "
DO IT, David Butler. Best idea you have ever had, surely!

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