February 01, 2009


Sam McPheeters on Updikes passing. Sam said he was taking a blog hiatus, but he's blogging heavily about things of yore and reissuing old PP columns, which makes me thinks either he's collecting his papers to beqeauth (sp?) to a univeristy library or he's putting together a book. This is purely speculation on my part, but I have hopes for the latter.

Secondly, do you like recordings of singing that are fantastic? I got this Big Maybelle record from the Chicago Public Library and it's a wow-zilla. Here's a video of a 78 of her music playing.

I also got a Cure record at the library, and it was the first time I listened to a Cure album in it's entirety. I should have stuck to what I had before: the "Close To You" cassingle. The Cure--they are not as good as Big Maybelle. FYI. In case yr trying to save time or weigh the options amidst the recessionville shoe leather soup sitch that is 09.

Also, another Maybelle. This one is a Carter, and she's out in the rough hedges a-strummin. Also, what "they play like a bunch of girls" could really mean. WHY ARE THERE NOT FAMILY BANDS ON THE TV ANYMORE, ESPECIALLY WHERE THE MOM PLAYS A ZITHER-LIKE-THING? I would watch TV all the time if such was the case. All stabbing-scenes and CSI: New Brunswick et. al. should be replaced with old-old-Grand Ol' Opry (pre-Mandrells era) and 30 Rock re-runs. I would be bothering to get my digital converter if such was the case.

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