January 25, 2009


Notes on Esa Pekka Salonen conducting CSO tonight.
#1-49: WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN TO THE ORCHESTRA BEFORE? The CSO is the best orchestra going and I have lived here for 12 years!? It was like when I ate cheese again for the first time after being vegan for most of a decade, realizing OMG I COULD HAVE BEEN DOING THIS THE WHOLE TIME?!!!!!
#50. Cheap seats/student tix cost the same as going to a movie, plus parking and Twizzlers. No kidding. We should all be going.
#51. Cried for most of the first movement of the Arvo Part pc. So absorbing, so sad, so gorgeous, so impossibly sad and gorgeous. It was a half hour everything I want out of music, and it just slipped by. Salonen introduced the piece as introspective rather than a meditation or observation of god, but it was godly--of god--as much as it was anything. It you have a proverbial boner for early Russian Polyphony, Symphony No. 4 is going to make you pass out.
#52. It's true that you can spot an expensive suit from far away. I was dazzled by the cut of E-Pek's v. euro collarless suit from the second balcony/fifth floor up.
#53. His body move is like a question mark. The shape of. I was surprised by the thrusting, nice contrast to the bird hands.
#54. Debussy after Part was like hearing Daydream Nation for the first time and instead of flipping the album over, being forced to listen to "Windy" by The Association 10 times in a row.
#55. Debussy's La Mer made me think that any second a young Liz Taylor or Jennifer Jones would throw open the door to her new husbands beautiful manse for the first time, open-mouthed in awe and mooing "OH Darling! It's... just...wonderful!" The ending was ok though. GO BOOM.
#56. When E-Pek described the third movement of the Part pc. as a "dapper little march" he was not lying.
#57. He has beautiful hair.
#58. All shows should have caramel corn and hot choco. It made a difference. The CSO knows whats up.
#59. It really behoved to go with JR, who spent last year mauling Alex Ross' The Rest is Noise and seeking out all the recordings, and was brimming with insights and composer gossip. It helped jump me in.

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