January 23, 2009


1. I thought there were four of them this time. I wonder if AC makes a hit record that one of the rotating member aren't on, they are like "Sors, Geologist, but you only get checks from Feels".
2. They are delivering us from the nouveau hippie womb into the steady throb into... techno. Maximal, but at minimal's bpm. If you were in the balcony you didn't get that. Mainfloor, and anywhere near the soundbooth was bananers. Best sound show I have ever been to at Metro. Very loud, and so brillant -- the sound guy is clearly as crucial to the execution/translation of their many-streamed vision as the band members.
3. The new songs are arranged pretty diff-rently live and I would sometimes only know what they were when the vocals came in.
4. My favorite part of the night was when they did "My Girls" and instead of the band doing the "wooo!"-clap on the chorus, the audience did, unprompted.
5. I think the crowd was probs 40/60 in terms of knowing the words, which, in a time before albums leaking on the internet, you wouldn't have known all the words well enough to sing along two days after the album came out.
6. When they would play stuff off Sung Tongs which I think was their last really good/genius record before this one, they sounded like murk, in comparison to how structured and articulated and harmonically dynamic the new record is.
6.5> I hated Feels and only listened to the last one 3 times. How totally inconsistent they are makes me like them more now.
7. It's curious, real curious to me, that with this MPP album Animal Collective went from, for me, the progenitors/paradigm dominator/the prescriptive hallmark of absence-of-meaning in rock. The total don't make a clear statement cos statements are for dicks, it's all just neon vibes, critique is the anti-positive, never mind Guantanamo, here's the dreamcatcher/real life embodiment of the accumulatory STUFF dazzle of The Selby etc etc etc. -- They went from being THAT WRIT LARGE to being visceral, clear, penetrable, and singing songs that focus almost totally on bond--familial, blood, the every day desire you would read about in a Mary Gordon story--very rooted in reality instead of the unreal. The phrase "I want" and "I just want" shows up in multiple songs. The second song they played was about the joy getting someone pregnant! And it wasn't a cover of Loggins & Messina "Danny's Song". From the post high-irony high to soldering the irony coffin shut in one album. I am unpacking it a bit, still--the show did not help much--it was just regular good time spent.
8. Also, I think what would be amazing is if they could tour with a massive Justice sized PA system. I want to see them four times as loud, like corn rave loud, which actually makes me look forward to seeing them at the corn rave they are playing Grant Park this summer.
9. And yes, I realize this is a Hipster Run Off prophecy come to life. It's Carles world, we just shit in it.
10. And if this guy's whoa science is right, and the economy stays in the toilet, Animal Collective could be the biggest band on the planet in two years.

also, I can't stop thinking about yesterday's big science announcement: I feel like FUCKING QUANTUM TELEPORTATION is... insane? QUANTUM PHYSICS: 1000% Totally more insane that previously blvd. I feel like it will initially be this exciting good thing--speed of light computing and such--and then in 12 years it will somehow be the bane of our human existence. People will be home invading via teleportation and you won't be able to stop them. For example.

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