January 22, 2009


I know it's kind of gross to pimp my boyfriends band via my blog. Lets just get that out of the way. But you know if they weren't genuinely awesome, I would just casually forget to mention them; I will not sell anyone false goods, it's part of my blog oath. Just saying.

The actual NYU radio thing--I missed and so did you because we were both busy adding pictures of Rahm Emanuel into the hope chest....SO go here and hit "download mp3" and starting at 1:00:50 through about 1 hour sixteen it is just MAGICAL SHREDDING. Matt is playing some sweet Mascis-y torrent by way of "When Doves Cry"/b-side of Around the World In A Day ish, Lemos is playing that little box that sounds like an owl and Steve Shelley, who you know from The Crucifucks and later of The Kim Gordon Fun Band, he goes drum. The later half is lucid, then slaying.

The rest is regular good college radio show, you know, i.e. bored/nasal sounding girl back announcing Fennesz songs.

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