January 18, 2009


Top favorite people seen in Hold Steady show audience Thursday:
1. Boy dressed as "Where's Waldo?"
2. Entire front row who imitates Craig's singing AND moves, including the palm-to-forehead graze and whipping arms to the side.
3. The guys who can't stop rubbing their girlfriend's back for the whole show, who lean in to them and sing the lyrics to the girls face with Supremes-like dramatic hand language.
4. Minnesota college girls throwing off their Scando-hot with a nosering. One dozen.
5. Older married indie rockers guys night out. Crew neck sweaters, nursing the same beer, knowing looks exchanged when the band played old songs.
6. Vigorously dancing dad in the second row trying to pit and the people around him making stinkface.
7. The dudes who all maniacally pointed at their same female friend during the line about the "rise again" back tattoo.
8. Bra tossing best friends, front row, stage right.

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