January 14, 2009


WHITE DOG IS OUT ON DVD. I would recommend you throw it to the top spot on yr Netflix cue. Unfortunately, this nice little synopsis on the Criterion website fails to mention all the truly great stuff about the movie: the Burl Ives under the crotch shot, his ham fisted jeremiad about robots in movies, when Paul Winfield lifts his shirt to "expose his black skin" and the White Dog goes crazy in it's cage, cotton balls visible in its jowls--and then he does it again, and then feeds it a slider and still...the scene does not end just cuts between growling dog and Winfield, or when the habitually braless Christy McNichol whips a Whitman sampler offered by the old racist grandpa at a garage door, or that six different dogs--some obviously different breeds, even--play the same dog. Or where the dogs at the pound appear to be put down via a technique that looks a lot like putting them in a dryer. Or that the movie is like 33% McNichol yelling, 33% Paul Winfield fighting a dog and the rest either endless close ups of the dog growling or Burl Ives freestyle weirdness (the delicious cottage cheese scene). Or the opening scene where the street cleaner plows through the lingerie store because a racist dog is EATING HIS FACE OFF. It's not a heavy movie about racism, it's Samuel Fuller's career ending hallucination of camp and the inexplicable.

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