January 08, 2009


Me and Miles year end top 10 digressions and mocking in the Reader (the long version is online). Note the so-unflattering picture where I look like a monkey. And what a vain ape I am...

Making a tops for the year was weird and difficult because this year I spent less time listening to music than I ever did previous. I had a month where the only music of my own I had with me was a mix CD that Ben made for me. I had months where the only music I heard was whatever shows I was writing about that week. I had weeks where I spent all day or night at the hospital and the only music I heard was the radio to and from in my rental, and it was always classic rock and it always made me cry. Six months where all the records people were sending me were at my house and I was at Scheids house, 2000 miles away, enjoying a phenomena called "Tivo". There were 3 weeks where I only listened to a playlist of the last 4 Radiohead albums, Led Zep II and "Don't Stop Believing" while I was finishing the book. Months where instead picking through the manageable stacks at Permanent or Reckless, I was splayed out, tyrannized by choices availed at Amoeba, and so I wound up buying the best of Poco and salsa reissues. My list is half accidents, and is more about sentiment and gentleness-- cos that was my top speed on 08. I could not handle punk. Or hardcore. Or violence. I could handle reverb and quiet girl voices. Pitbull, too, though a jangley girl he is not. I would have put the Raphael Saadiq and Jazmine Sullivan records on there is I knew now what I knew a month ago when we did this. But, it is what it is, and posterity is bullshit. Alas, a list, a year and my funny monkeyface.

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