January 07, 2009


David Scheid's very sweet memorium on his time guitar teching for Ron Asheton.

Kind of crappy Donkey Cam at a donkey sanctuary in Antilles. It's more to foster dreams about your future, or that there is PMA going on somewhere--donkey protectorate.

Petition for Gender Equity in new job stimulus package.

Mike Taylor's website. You may remember him from his days as a columnist for all your favorite and totally dogmatic punk magazines of yore.
and Matt Kessler's too. Both have contributed to Hit it or Quit it over the years. Mike with art and Matt with so much writing, including "Low in Europe, high in my basement, you know what I'm saying?"

More minimal post-punk UK girl trios on the come up: The Rayographs debut single is really fine.l_ad183cfab062ca101df3a234f0911074-1.jpg One of them is named Jessamine and another one is named Astrud. I wonder what the deathrocker on the other side of the tree is named. She looks like she's gonna eat the innards of the other girls, Greyhound bus style.

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