January 05, 2009


I am in the transcription trenches--Randy Randall, from the an interview I did with No Age in October, with a florid, extended mix 'n match metaphor:

"Thatís the irony of this. The thing is that for decades there has been amazing underground culture in LA that has just been passed by media, we're in the belly of the beast, and thats been one of the reasons why itís been able to exist. Because everyone has their eyes on the prize, chasing the dragon, we can just continue to exist, just be dirty kids hanging out at the Smell. And no one pays attention, and so we can get away with doing our own thing, and then suddenly the dragon turns itís head on you and says ďYou belong to us! You are from LA, come into the fold.Ē Weíve been here the whole time and you didnít want to know anything about us! We poked you in the eye and now you want to be our friend?"

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