December 31, 2008

prétention démesurée

White/Light tour and record release with Bird Names here in Chi-doo-doo. Matt and Jeremy doing hot drone numbers from their new Smells Like release Black Acts, which you can see my feet on the cover of. Socked. At a distance. I like W/L best live, and I like the parts when it's really loud and then there is a long solo. No offense to Jeremy--I just like guitar, as an instrument, more than a little pumping box that makes a scary wall-of-wheezing noise.

Jan 2 2009 Smiling Buddha Toronto, Ontario
Jan 3 2009 La Sala Rossa Montreal, Quebec
Jan 4 2009 "Bar" Nightclub New Haven, CT, Connecticut
Jan 5 2009 Cake Shop Manhattan, New York
Jan 6 2009 Glasslands Gallery Williamsburg, New York
Jan 8 2009 Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 9 2009 Art Damage Lodge Cincinnati, Ohio
Jan 10 2009 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois

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