December 29, 2008



Radical rethink about work and living, as in making one, what one is truly selling when you are writing, when you are writing about certain things, what is lost in the hustle, distill for broad audience, the burp of an edit. Trying to think real about which way capital fundamentally bends the purpose of writing. Desire gets scrambled with a know how it goes from there--and suddenly it's all Behind the Music sentiments (CLIFF IS UNDER THE BUS!) and synthesized comebacks (this time with vigor! art! visceral return to meaning!) Sorry to ware such a cliche--I know purity or truth art is a myth--or at least an apocrypal tale as truth is overrated and worse yet, boring--but! When there is less and less to lose, then that's when things get exciting, que no? Exciting is a rough translation, of course. SUCH IS THE DAWNING YEAR. The same-same is as frightening a prospect as what appears to be coming. My heart is a funicula suspended above the gaping maw of 2009. We can eat boiled shoe leather and churn out some manifestos while we wait!

I got a cursive typewriter for Christmas, and I am going to start there. Typer-writers are fundamentally instruments of virtue. I have hope. DREAMS. In cursive!

I told David about part of the idea and he said "Uh, didn't you used to do something like that? It was called "a fanzine." INSERT LMFAO HERE. Whats new is old again. I'm 32 and still think I'm 14. Sue me.

We listened to Wm. T Vollmann on Bookworm on the car ride home. I have a listened to it a few times, not just for Vollmann's weird-flat drollery, but also because Michael Silverblatt calls him "Bill". It is a good one for coming new year, it is about Bill's chafing desire to live a full and inspired life, and untethering himself because
the worst that could happen is he could die. There is a comfort in how matter of factly he says it. The big duh. Perhaps 2009 will be about chomping at the jugular of our arts, though 2009 stands to do that for us whether we intend to reconsider our context in the capitalist cranks or not.

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