December 22, 2008


Ben's DJing tonight. You know how crazy thouse Danny's parties get after everyone has been couped up all week. Co-oped? And you know how shitfaced everyone will be since we alls done got laid off or cut to 4 days or had our proverbial balls stomped by Sam Zell's debt leveraging (cough cough, whatever). I WISH I COULD BE THERE. I am going buh-bye 406 miles due north to Minnesota! I am having Christmas with both my parents for the first time I can remember (1979 is hazy, I was 2) and my half sister who is unrelated to my dad, my former step dad and his family... and my ex-boyf./boyf. is coming along for good measure! We will sleep in a tent in the living room! A CORNOCOPIA OF SEVERED RELATIONSHIPS IN MOTION! Just like the book my parents gave me in third grade says "Just because we're getting divorced doesn't mean we're not still a family!" OOOH AND AND And my mom's purse sized dogs who are twins! They are also there.

Also, raise your hand if you mom got an iPhone this year and is sending you a lot pictures of her Christmas tree. I think maybe we should start a Flickr pool for the accidental art of your mom's iphone snaps of holiday decos.

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