December 21, 2008


Dear Jessica,
Mike; again.
I just logged onto your blog and read your blurb about that recent Keyshia Cole/2Pac number. It's funny because I was thinking about necrophilia within pop-music and how its history is a bit more expansive than one would assume. I hadn't even heard the 2pac song until your blog made me aware of it, no, what prompted this was the radio playing the Martina McBride/Dean Martin version of, "Baby, it's Cold Outside" which was created in 2006. There's all kinds of interesting things going on behind the scenes on this one as McBride, who has done extensive charity work for anti-domestic violence organizations, insists to the womanizing, hard-drinking Martin that she really must be going but, obviously, he kicks it to her convincingly enough to eventually get some action. Beyond the grave team-ups have become something of a staple in rap music since the untimely deaths of Pac, Biggie and Big L but sex-with-dead-guy anthems have developed into an amusing sub-genre. If you peep Biggie's "Born Again" remix album, primarily known for its blistering, lyrically-devastating collab with Em, you'll get "Would You Die For Me" with Lil Kim explaining, "Anything you give to him, he give it right to Kim/Anyway, I fuck better than you/Give head better than you, pussy get wetter than you...B.I.G. is in my heart from the start/Whether broke or rich, I'm a stay his bitch..." or there's that song "Unfoolish" on that deplorable Puffy remix album where Biggie to Ashanti: "Deja vu, the blunts sparked, finger fuckin' in the park/Pissy off Bacardi Dark". Ashanti ain't having it though, "I'm lookin' like I got my head on right, so now I see/No more givin' you everything/There's no more takin' my love from me." Is the audio-ressurection of a legendary-rapper being applied as a proxy for a pop-feminist smackdown of Otto Weininger-esque thinking on this one?!? I'm not sure. All I know is TSOL's song about digging up bodies to fuck doesn't seem as ridiculous to me as it used to. Jack Grisham isn't half the freak Cole is, apparently.
Hope all is well/Happy Holidays

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