December 19, 2008


Snowed in! Heck yes! Blizzard conditions I can blv in! Living in the midwest, you talk about the weather a lot, which is kind of an elderly persons game, but I'm bumrushing it. I'm making it my own.

Meanwhile, behold the bounty of the internet!

The downlode: Someone Mp3'd the entire Huggybear discography. If that doesn't have you dancing round yr room in your old Tobi Vail costume this will.

Also in girl punk factoids long buried Kendra Smith and Susanna Hoffs had a cover band together? And they were on Rough Trade? Here's Hoffs singing "I'll Be Your Mirror". She was/is my least favorite Bangle, even when Different Light came out. She seemed helpless, and the Peterson sisters were clearly the steamroller talent. I'm on a mile-wide quiet twee pop kick right now though and I like how tentative and fragile her voice is here.

I'm not the only one hunting Lesbian Power Authority Records.
Perhaps someone should burn the copy they have?

Are you tired of year end critical round ups best of 08 lists that either recommend all the shit you already have (Carter 3, TVOTR), the Fennesz record you can't get into or the too-roundly crit personal lists that always have 1 local band, 1 world music and the same rap record on them in hopes of looking ecumenical? How about a list of 2008 release you have never even heard about that you are going to immediately be psyched on--with accompanying downloads--where the list is founded only in enthusiastic evangelizing personal taste? Thought so.

You know if someone organizes an annual event called "Christmas Twee" that their mixtapes are going to be impeccably fey and sweet.

Mixwit (the tape was so cute) is dead as of this week, and Muxtape is reborn as something no one probably wants to use, and anything tape-like gets witchburned by RIAA lawyers, and so I am not sure The Opentape project is going to get many folks interested in toiling/coding for naught, but you know, life is coding for naught, so I hope someone figures it out and makes something that works. Maybe make it be secret so it doesn't get busted. The internet isn't the best place for secrets, but maybe lets try.

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