December 15, 2008


Justice's tour DVD A Cross The Universe is not what I expected it to be. Which is 63 minutes of extremely dull hair metal cliche filtered through totally cliche French snobiness. It's like Baudrillard's America meets Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home" video except Xavier and Gaspard are wearing shirts. Unless I am entirely misreading the filmmakers, Romain Gavras and So-Me, sentiment/intent--and they are, in fact, marveling in complete and utter earnestly--they think Justice fans are dipshits and ogle America as a backwards land filled with hillbillies, fat people, disembodied asses of working women, enthusiastic groupie types, homeless people doing wacky things and the ambitious. Which is true, but you don't have to be a dick about it. Coming here and playing stadiums and then casting a mocking eye on the eager people that filled them is an bad, bad look. Meanwhile, in comparison, the exciting things Justice does in America: share hot tubs with drunk women, run down hotel hallways wasted in the night, sign tits, look greasy, go to the gun range with their psychotic tour manager, Xavier plays piano to an empty venue and then they ride around LA in a convertible shopping for a suitable mansion. Oh, oh oh and then this one time, their trailer catches a flat! C'EST INCREDIBLE!

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