December 03, 2008


New Mexico, Texas panhandle, Oklahoma and now MO. After dawdling in the petrified and painted hills, we made up for lost time. The day started in Tucumcari, the birthplace of Kokopelli. At least thats what Rjyan told me when he was once stuck there on tour for five days. Or maybe it was that he saw Kokopelli? We did not see any flute-playing mythological creatures, just a lot of dead empty town, former Rally Burgers repurposed into abandoned videostores and flurfy-haired women in puffy Santabear sweatshirts. We argued over breakfast about why America settles for shitty diner coffee--DS contends it's because people just don't know there is better coffee to be had, but I think it's just not a priority for most people and/or disdain for anything more high falutin, especially since we were eating at a place with a signed, framed picture of Ricky Trevino on the wall and our entire meal cost $10 total. These are the things we bicker about. Whether the barn in the distance is 3 miles away or less than three miles. Whether bands should tour with horn sections or get pick up players in each city. Why he's not allowed to play Magick Markers when I am driving. Whether I am a germaphobe (his position) or just into hygiene (mine). You know, the important issues the arise after three full days in the car.

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