November 26, 2008


Dallas Clayton at his reading for his self-published book for children. It's about how to stay human and not grow cycnical, not let capitalism blunt yr dreams but it's truly, truly a kids book. And it's in verse. His book is more subversive than mine. I am a little jealous. Note his homemade corpo taking the piss paste up behind him.

The reading was also the debut of ASDSSKA, The Aska-David Scott Stone band. I like to pronounce it ASS-diSS-cuh, but I think Ahz-DZZ-ka is how they're rolling. Tevs.

A thick bank of fog rolled down Fairfax as they played. Reverb and fog and the pink street light made it very spooky. (Some spanish moss and Anna Paquins Chiclet™ teeth and it could of been the set of True Blood, the best-worst-nearly-unwatchable show on pay cable. (Where I am staying in LA has Tivo and it is changing my life.) If you have not seen TB, it's a vampire/werewolf/magical thinking show with all the plot tension of a One Tree Hill season finale, but with the hammy inuendo and dialogue you might expect from, say, an amateur porn. LOTS of exposition in the form of people talking to themselves, flashbacks and voiceover to explain the leaden/"sexy"/WTF story. Everyone on the show has a different, constantly changing, terrible southern accent... I hope it gets renewed into infinity!)

Lucky Dragons played at the commons in what I think was a mall. For the Hope-Gallery-goes-to-Hollywood show that was mall-adjacent. I coveted Luke's Michelle Obama shirt. The show was huge. Tons of people and tones and tons of art.

If you live in LA and are not going to Wildness every Tuesday, you are choosing wrong.

Tamechi performed "Poak Chops"--I witnessed internet phenomena in real-life motion.

Another thing we have to thank Tamechi for: inventing "Hammer pants" as a stylist back in the eighties.

I was a little bummed to be DJing with Ashland--I just wanted to be dancing.

Chicagoans may remember Ashland and Wu from their years in Chicago. Now they live here and do this party. The bumpin genderfuck night at the historic tranny bar with free chips and salsa and the salsa is homemade and delicious.

When I met Wu and Rhys, I think they were art institute drop outs or about to drop out. They are total inspirations vis a vis incorporating your radical agenda into every facet of your art, life and parties.

So, there is a mini-ranch a qrtr block from my LA house. With horses.

I went on a walk even though it was raining, so I could memorize everything before I leave.

LA in the winter is my favorite because suddenly there are seasons.

The flexibility of nature here is violent.

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