November 19, 2008


I asked him, because he's read 28 or 29 books on Lincoln and because he's my only friend I would call a "Doris Kearns Goodwin supergroupie", JR blogged some "Read Along With Obama" suggestions. Also, JR coined a new v. apt term in calling the news "Obama-porn".

P.s. I feel like when we get to the end of all the appointments and then confirmations for the cabinet, it will be a little sad, like a season finale. But then, suddenly, they will combine into one thing, like when the Autobots make the bigger, fighting car-robot in Transformers, so it'll be exciting again. I know, maybe "exciting new government" is the wrong thing to concentrate on amidst recession and trout going extinct in our life time. Nevertheless, I'm not exactly stoked on Clinton as SOS, because a) the Clintons are just drama drama drama, and b) Bill is so pink these days it looks like he escaped from a Bodyworks exhibit and I just do not want to have to see more pictures of him with that Chuck-Bass-esque bemused smirk on his magenta face though c) I think if she does get the job he will basically have to turn invisible until she is through, so it could be ok.

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