November 13, 2008



Attention Lifter Puller fans and people who were around "back in the day"!
Do you have any notable Lifter Puller related stories? Did you ever book, play at or attend a Lifter Puller show were something particularly insane/hideous/delightful happened? Did you ever have an epic party night with them? Did you interview them on your radio show and Steve Dude said something on air that wound up getting you suspended? IF SO, please write the story down in an email or word document and email it to me: msjessicahopper at gmail dot com.

Please include your full contact info (address, email, phone) and get it to me no later than 12/1/08 to be considered for inclusion in the special Lifter Puller thing we can't tell you about yet. Stories need to directly involve the band, not your relationship with the band's music, or the time when you were tripping and the Eye Patch Guy appeared and delivered a special message--though those are obviously valuable experiences--I don't need documentation of them at this time.

Thanks and pass it on.

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