November 09, 2008


Emily Lacy, who plays hypnotic vaguely Portlandesque (reverb bliss) psyche-folk is playing in Chicago this week:
11/11 No Coast 1500 West 17th St. w/ Rollin Hunt and Anni Rossi, doors at 7 pm.
I'd listen to her even if her lyrics were terrible because her voice is so pretty. Her record I'm here babe starts and ends with songs that that are 13 and 21 minutes respectively. That is what we call round the house "a feminist power move". It reeks of confidence, and she's got the talent to back it the heck up.

Finally Punk are also a band I like. Ladies. Punk. Austin. Akin to Mika Miko.

Every five years, anticon. puts out a good record and this five years-s it's Tobacco. Dude is normally in the Rainbow band. One of 'em.

Peter Fox normally fronts that not very good band Seeed, who may or may not be a Bavarian answer to Sublime, and his subsequent solo album is I think what passes for "German rap" in Germany, but am pretty sure I can't front on it's production or using drumlines on your entire album and his creepy Will Oldham style black contact lenses. Supposedly he was going to do a record with Cee-Lo, but then Cee-lo did Gnarls Barkley instead. Now he's a big budget dude yelling in German.(For more white German rap video with people in masks google "sido augen auf". I think it's a tender one about teenage pregnancy.) Link c/o Travis Morrison.

Chris Richards got himself a blog. I am a shade jealous of the scope of his knowledge and enthusiasms, and that he's been writing like that from issue one of Torpedo Dialogues, when he was all of high school age, all the way 'til now at the way legit Washington newspaper he's at. LIFE CYCLE.

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