November 07, 2008


Piscitelli showed up at the Hope opening with lights so big he needed sandbags for them. He shot portraits for his zine Sticky Buns that'll be available at the next opening.

Tim art directed while Mike shot me "NO. LEAVE THE CIGARETTE IN YOUR MOUTH. NO. Just let it hang! Like Johnny Thunders style." Dude. I'm not that kind of punk.

Anthony is though.

Askas velvet heels. All night she kept cheerleading for the after-times "I want to have a fun time!" And she found us one at the sketchy bar where Lykke Li DJ'd. The hipkidz danced to the Cure; the regular clientele of trannies and gangsters lapdanced and got lapdanced upon.

Everyone calls the Caramel Bobby dog "care-a-mell". I say "car-mull". Caramel with all syllables extended is by nature a revolting word. Right up there with "panties".

Hope openings are pretty much just a parade of everyone you have ever met or half met in your life hanging on the sidewalk in packs of ten and then rotating out every hour.

For a good time, this place ain't bad.

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