November 06, 2008


The main things I miss about Chicago, other than my friends and like... everything, is V103. There is a serious lack of George Benson in my life/car these days.

"This Masquerade." Seventies soft feelings.

I am pretty sure "Turn Your Love Around" is about trying to turn a whore into a one man woman. Unclear whether the whoring is actual transactiony kind or more the town slut/free kind.

Also, I know Beyonce offered to play the inauguration, but I think Earth, Wind & Fire would be an infinitely better choice. Whats that video of her dancing in the leotard and Chies got on this? That lady dancing miniature under the rainbow in the culottes outfit is how I wished I felt inside. And that a giant Maurice White was peering down at me. While the Phenix Horns blared. They played on "Sussidio", man.

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