November 05, 2008


Spending election day with a precocious five year old was choice. I told her she was precocious and she said "No, I'm a Cancer."

Bebel says she supports Obama because he is nice and she likes his face. Me too.

She said some magic spells and rubbed her hands on the sidewalk repeatedly, as part of the casting. Everyone used their magic yesterday.

Lock us in. Yes you can.

We were all watching CNN later on when they called Florida for Obama and all the adults screamed and Bebel told us that now she was going to go home and kill herself. We are screaming because it's a good thing, we said, it means he's going to win.

I was her age when Reagan won. I did not like his face. He looked like Deputy Dawg to me. The main thing I remember about his administration was crying myself to sleep because I was so worried about nukes. I was a friendless latchkey kid that read my parents Newsweek and US News & World Report front to back every week; encroaching puberty and mushroom clouds were my dual obsessions.

Aska and I were freaking waiting for polls to close and count up, so we went to Luke and Sara's Election Edition Sumi Ink Club to soothe ourselves and communitize.

It was calming. And messy. Luke and Sara hate swearing. They are so positive, it's kind of like staring into the sun. "Fake mean is still mean" they said. Words I am trying to live by. I don't want to be mean in Barack's America, do you? 1. Why bother 2. I don't want to disappoint him, do you?

You can see this thing we sumi'd at their art show at SiteLA tomorrow. I wish there was Sumi-ing everyday, I did it twice this week and it felt wholesome and real both times. Maybe I will start "Bootleg Sumi" in Chicago when I get home. Swearing allowed though.

After Sumi but before CNN and crying, Bebel accidentally shot her fortune cookie into her true love's soup, while he was in the bathroom, and fished it out with her little fist. She pulled out the fortune from the sopping folds and she said "Oh, it's a kids fortune, there is a little boy on here." What's it say? I asked. Without reading it she said: "Be Responsible." Mine said my life had "Foreward thrust" (sic) which is obviously a good sign about the book.

And then Bebel's "Baraca" won and we all cried and so did you. The neighbors down the hill blew a shofar, and people yelled up and down the canyon. After we left, and went out amidst the people, I saw men on the street, friends not strangers, walk wordlessly towards each other and grip each other in a silent protracted hug. When we walked past, one of the dude looked up from his embrace, tearing and said "We did it". I do not think I will forget that for as long as I live.

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