October 30, 2008


Last night after the show at the nameless number-named only exclusive sneakers and Yamamoto Y3 700 eu cape store the models (all five people I met last night (non-american) were models) put on the Talk Talk Live at Montreaux 86 DVD and we swayed as they collected bottles and I the headphones. CONCENSUS: GERMAN MODELS LOVE MARK HOLLIS.

If I was Mark Hollis, and oh how I sometimes wish I was, I would just sing, emote hard, never talk, intone so ferociously. I would carry a mic stand and bear my snaggle toofs (I never wore my bottom retainer either) and shake my hair like it pained me. (it meaning life, not the hair) . OOOOOO The hair of Talk Talk in 1986... c'est incredible. Long, long mullets. Mullets pulled ponytail-wise so as not to catch in those many roto-toms or like.. what is that dude playing? Is that a half size midi-keytar or something--it's the size of shoebox--nonetheless--totally amazing. Why hasn't someone Coachella'd them for the big bucks yet? Why are people eternally trying to rig a Smiths reunion (an idea so old it has it's own nostalgia-wave), when we could have Talk Talk. Talk Talk and Crass c/o headline whatever indie rock throwback revivifications festival exists post- gloabal recession. The sensual bummer band and the righteous brick in the face more appropros than ever band. Perfect bill come summer. I dunno if there is still big bucks in Talk Talk--but there are clearly like 18,000 people--a bonafiable half stadium of Spainards in attendance for an ART ROCK band, which is more people than show up to see Yoko Ono and/or Vampire Weekend or whomever the post-Africa fetish tend/popular nu-hammer band of May 09 will be. "Nu Hammer" and "Funky" are what I have found out about in my time in the Europe, both are bad bad news. Nu Hammer is as in Jan Hammer, and may already be encroaching n yr Brooklyn ex-urb-borrough. Funky I can't explain with out links, but I think it might be too awful to catch on in America, plus the name is too stupid. You'd never want to say it out loud, that you are really into "Funky". White Americans would be way embarrassed by the prospect I would think, unless there is an upcoming Mad Decent podcast dedicated to it, in which case FUNKY IT IS.


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