October 22, 2008


I wouldn't say there is anything politically or socially ambivalent about her, her lyrics or this record. I mean, I know bios aren't like, supposed to be anything more than cursory and factual, but that's just stupid. It's more unsettling than the first record, since it's largely about not being a vessel--for a baby, for someone elses desire, for adult womanhood as it is expected of us. There is not as much fun, not as much songs about doin' it. It's more somber. To sing in a clipped remove about one's own abortion is in no way unpolitical. It's thunderously fucking political. It is feminist. Feminism is by nature political--even in Sweden--even when yr hot and blonde and six feet tall and sing harsh toke pop songs while you play the piano. Feminism is dexterous like that--it's portable--because it is a real life, whole life, all day long thing.

I am in Paris. I accidentally concussed myself. I slept a whole five hours last night. I fell asleep at dinner. Today is working and then a long day of plugging in headphones at a museum and bossing.
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